Don’t take anything and criticize 2 Liverpool players who are exhausted, weak, defeated by Napoli (clip)

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Thai Liverpool fans Shaking his head after seeing the form of the 2 Reds defenders UEFA Champions League match against Napoli

On September 8, 2022, the aftermath after the game that Liverpool defeated Napoli at home with a score of 1-4 in the first game of the UEFA Champions League group stage last night by 2 teams. behind Liverpool The heavy criticism in this game was Trent Alexander-Arnold and Joe Gomez.  

Obviously, the second goal was lost. Joe Gomez was pressed until he lost the ball to the Napoli players. before being punished by conceding a goal Another person who has been criticized for this rhythm is Trent Alexander-Arnold. Standing, dead legs, not moving 

while the third door It was caused by a mistake on the right side, Kavija Quaratskela. Feed the Reds up to 2 people, both Gomez and Trent, before paying for Giovanni Simeone to shoot in. 

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