Esport – League of Legends: Vitality against BDS in the quarterfinals of the European Masters

The group stage of the European Masters of League of Legends ended this Thursday evening: the four teams of LFL, the French championship, will play the quarters. Two of them, Vitality and BDS Academy, will compete.

Esport - League of Legends: Vitality against BDS in the quarterfinals of the European Masters

The LFL narrowly missed out on clear rounds in the European Masters of League of Legends – the second continental division. If the four representatives of the French championship will play well in the quarter-finals, Vitality is the only club of the quartet to have finished second in its pool. He was therefore destined to face another team from the tricolor league. The draw made this Thursday evening thus placed BDS Academy on its way, in the lower part of the tree. A shock.


Also on this side of the play-off table , GameWard will face the British from X7 (Nordic league). In the upper part, LDLC OL, unfortunate finalist of the last edition of a tournament now largely dominated by France, will play against the Icelanders of Dusty (Nordic league as well).

BDS and Vitality in the wake of GameWard and LDLC OL
After GameWard’s first places on Monday and LDLC OL on Tuesday, a very solid BDS Academy had imitated the duo on Wednesday, notably dominating the Spanish champions, Team Heretics, for a second time and quite easily. A formation yet announced as the main threat to LFL teams… It has yet to prove it

Outside of themselves, this threat might be called Unicorns of Love instead. The club titled in Germany in August is therefore the only one “outside the LFL” to claim a first group place. To the detriment of Vitality therefore, but also the Spaniards of Giants. The bee team took their revenge on UoL this Thursday evening but they had fallen against the other Iberian formation earlier in the day, now eliminated.


Heretics will have a chance to avenge their league as their team will face the German champions in the last quarter-final of the competition. The play-offs will take place next week, from September 15 to 18.


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