Genshin Impact Collei: build, weapons, resources and artifacts

Which weapon should Collei be given in Genshin Impact? What are the best artifacts to equip it? Check out Dendro Element 4 Star Free Character Guide

Genshin Impact Collei: build, weapons, resources and artifacts

Genshin Impact update 3.0 arrived some time ago, bringing a series of news, such as the Sumeru region and, of course, new characters. Collei is one of them , and is even a 4-star Dendro element archer that can be obtained for free .

How to play Collei, a Dendro support

Collei’s gameplay is geared towards being a support with good application of Dendro to enemies. That is, she is a facilitator for elemental reactions to happen through her ability, and not her basic attacks. Her skill E casts the bow like a boomerang, applying Dendro on the way back and forth. It may seem like little, but she has a talent that activates upon triggering a reaction, which causes the active character to start dealing continuous Dendro damage to nearby enemies – more traits that make her a good applier of the element. The elemental blast is pretty simple to understand too: it creates an area of ​​effect that deals Dendro damage to enemies. And that’s it, she has no more secret.

In short, she is a character who enters the field, uses her abilities, and then leaves the field, returning only when Dendro’s application is over.

Talent upgrade order

  • Elemental Blast : Meowy Secret
  • Elemental Ability : Caress of Flowers
  • Normal/Charged Attack

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