How many regular active players does League of Legends have in 2022?

Even though Riot Games doesn’t communicate official numbers, there are certain tools in place to make an approximate correct estimate – and unsurprisingly, the MOBA is doing well.

How many regular active players does League of Legends have in 2022?

When a developer doesn’t communicate their official numbers, it can usually be considered something worrying, such as a desire not to reveal low player counts and cheer a fanbase. Among the numerous bugs that League of Legends has suffered since the launch of Aphelios , Viego , Sylas and other champions, as well as the fiasco of certain events, such as the Star Guardians and The Ruin during the launch of Viego , there are those who think that the MOBA of Riot Games is in decline. However, we’re here to say that LoL is doing really well in terms of active players.


LoL’s numbers

Before we continue, it is important to make a few points clear. We don’t know if the data found from active LoL players takes into account all the game’s servers, or just those managed by Riot itself. That is, it is possible that China’s player base is not included in the number, as it is often difficult to obtain concrete data from there. In any case, this does not change the general picture that can be identified.

Considering the recent data for the month of August 2022, League of Legends has 124 million active accounts , that is, they played regularly during this period. There is a slight drop compared to 2021, when 126 million accounts were active in the same period. Despite this, 2021 was marked by the pandemic, so it can be judged that a small drop is not alarming. Looking at 2020, we can see something surprising there, as in August 2020 there were “only” 105 million active accounts in the same period. Riot Games, therefore, seems to have managed to retain most of the players who arrived along the way.


Why is this not necessarily relevant?

To be succinct, it’s because the number of active accounts is not necessarily representative of the number of players. For example, in some countries you need to use the equivalent of your ID to create an account, such as in South Korea, and this is not the case here in Brazil, where you only need an email address. Of the 124 million active players, some presumably have multiple accounts, for a variety of reasons.

It is implausible to estimate how many players have secondary (or tertiary and so on) accounts and how much this impacts the total calculation of the number of active accounts. So it’s not very relevant to boil it down to this stat alone – and Riot Games is certainly aware of it, hence the fact that it doesn’t officially release this kind of data.

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*All numbers used for this article come from the website , which estimates using various sources.

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