LoL: Ekko Top and the build that put him among the most hated champions in history

This time we’re going to talk about one of those comps that confused an entire generation of League of Legends players, a magic damage killer who turned to the dark side and was hated by everyone for being broken: Ekko Top.

LoL: Ekko Top and the build that put him among the most hated champions in history

There was a time when Riot Games didn’t know what to do with a position in League of Legends that practically walked the Rift alone: ​​top lane . Over all these years, this role has always been tied to tanks or fighters, and we’ve rarely seen high damage champions or assassins starring in these moments.

And it’s usually the community itself that starts to make very innovative or surprising choices, as is the case with Janna , Karma , Kayn or even Lee Sin . But this time we’re going to talk about one of those compositions that made a generation of players hell, a magic damage assassin who turned into a real nightmare in Season 6: Ekko .

Ekko Tank, the nightmare of season 6

Flashback to Season 6, a year when Herald of the Vale came into the game and dragons started looking different each match, making objectives much more important in the early stages of a match. In addition, Riot modified some champions and brought in others that became MOBA classics, such as Taliyah or Jhin , which quickly became popular with the public.

But there was a lane that was quite lost, and it was basically because of the poor performance of the tank champions: the top lane As there wasn’t a decent tank at the top at that point, it was the community itself that decided to do some experiments with different champions that had good damage, but at the same time could last as long as possible to finish a fight with a good amount of health. It was in one of these experiments that players discovered Ekko, who thanks to his passive (Revo-Z Resonance) and W (Parallel Convergence), the champion became a real headache for top lane rivals.

Ekko had, in short, everything to dominate the top lane with great ease: a decent laning phase; a series of damage buffs that Riot gave him that made him a true monster in the early game; a good skill set and great crowd control as his passive and damage were enough to overpower his rivals in top lane. If you add to that the fact that Ekko was a pure and simple tank and could combine powerful items, most notably the Sunfire Aegis and Ice Ray Gauntlet combo, the Boy Who Shattered Time became a beast that could withstand everything that came against him, since with his ultimate (R – Chronobreak), he could have enormous durability in teamfights.

This left Riot in an extremely difficult situation for several months, with the developers thinking about the best way to solve the problem caused by Ekko’s massive strength at the top. Ultimately, Riot decided to make some adjustments to the champion’s damage so that it scales so that it disappears from top lane and becomes just a pure damage assassin. It was good for a lot of players while it lasted, but Ekko Tank in top lane caused such a stir that even the most agile top laners in competitive complained.

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