Pokemon GO: How to evolve Qwilfish from Hisui to Overqwil?

In addition to candy, you’ll need some raid victories to get the evolution. See the step-by-step guide on how to evolve Qwilfish from Hisui into Overqwil

Hisui’s regional forms have finally arrived in Pokémon GO ! With this, several known monsters (and their evolutions) end up receiving alternative forms. See in this guide how to evolve Qwilfish from Hisui to Overqwil.


How to Evolve Qwilfish from Hisui to Overqwil in Pokémon GO

Introduced in Pokémon Legends Arceus , Qwilfish’s Hisui form gained an evolution! Now available in Pokémon GO, the two creatures aren’t that complex to obtain. However, it will take more than candy to evolve Qwilfish into Overqwil.

  • Put Hisui’s Qwilfish as your companion
  • Catch enough Qwilfish to get 50 Qwilfish Candies
  • Participate and win 10 Raids with Hisui’s Qwilfish as your companion

To see the progress of Raids, go to your Pokémon list and find the Qwilfish that is your buddy. Underneath the evolution button will be the number of raids won with your companion.

It is important to note that there are no special Hisui sweets. That is, the same candy as a normal Qwilfish will be used, thus facilitating the farm to reach 50 candies. Once you’ve completed all the steps, you can evolve the Pokémon into Overqwil.

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Is Hisui’s Qwilfish available in shiny form?

Unfortunately, while Qwilfish’s normal form is actually available in a shiny version, Hisui’s form is not yet . So we’ll have to wait and see if Hisui’s shiny Qwilfish will make it to Pokémon GO someday.

Below you can check out the shiny versions of Hisui’s Qwilfish and Overqwil present in other games in the Pokémon franchise.

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