Starbeard: tips and tricks to master this title

Starbeard: tips and tricks to master this title

Match-3 type games are extremely numerous on iOS and Android media, and very often they all look the same. Nevertheless, some stand out a bit by offering a different approach, which is always welcome. Starbeard is one of them!

This game takes the basic formula we all know but takes it in a whole different direction. Yes, you have to combine icons together to remove them, but you also have to use strategy to shoot down enemies, open paths, collect coins and even face bosses.

There’s an awful lot of variety here, which makes Starbeard particularly addictive. But you still have to be good, because it quickly becomes quite difficult. That’s why we’ve put together a few tips and tricks for you. By keeping these in mind, you should be able to progress faster!


1. Sharpen your strategy

This title contains a lot of strategy. Your main objective is to remove icons, but the thing sometimes gets complicated when you also have to face enemies and bosses. You also have to pay attention to the appearance of gems and to not letting the icons reach the bottom of the screen since this will lower your health. In short, there are many things to keep in mind!

Especially since moving icons is not as simple as you might think at first since it is only possible to move them to the bottom row of the same column. Luckily, you can take advantage of your character’s special abilities!


2. Use your abilities

Your character has basic abilities to push back enemies and icons, but also to swap them with what’s behind. But there are also special abilities, for example deleting all icons of a certain type on a line.

There are also offensive abilities that hurt your opponents, which is very interesting. We advise you to use these mainly for enemies, but you can also use them from time to time to remove icons if necessary.

3. Watch out for enemy movements

Enemies are mostly stationary, but some move and have more health. Which includes bosses! Luckily, they can be killed if you line them up, like icons. Of course, you can’t move them directly, you have to be careful with their movements and your skills.

Nevertheless, as said before, it is generally more interesting to use your offensive abilities since they hurt and kill these enemies.


4. Use all these tricks against the bosses

The bosses are at the very top of the screen and prevent you from moving. There is only one way to overcome these opponents: to inflict damage on them. So you have to put into practice everything we’ve said so far, namely not letting the icons go to the bottom of the screen, watching out for enemies and using your abilities.

Boss fights can be tricky to get to grips with, with some adding little things like special icons that only hamper you and don’t reward you when you clear them.

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