Top 10 Best FPS in Roblox

Are you looking for the best FPS available in ROBLOX ? Look no further, you’ve come to the right place! Since its release, ROBLOX has surprised players with the variety of gameplays it contains. It is a basic platform game in which anyone can create and publish other games. The good news is that you don’t need to be good at programming to get by!

FPS have quickly become Roblox’s most popular games, so there are hundreds of them. It’s hard to make the right choice between all these Counter-Strike, Fortnite or Call of Duty clones, but luckily we’re here to help! And who knows? Maybe these games will amuse you even more than the big licenses installed in the market for years and years!

Below you will find a list of the top 10 FPS available in Roblox. Each has its differences, whether in terms of gameplay, artistic direction or enemies to kill. They will all reward you with weapon skins and other cosmetic upgrades.

Top 10 Best FPS in Roblox

1. Energy Assault

This list opens with a solid Call of Duty lookalike! Energy Assault is a very nervous first-person shooter set in a futuristic setting. It largely copies the ideas of Activision but, at the same time, knows how to surprise the player thanks to its diversity. It is possible to have fun for dozens of hours, knowing that the points earned in matches can be used to buy a whole host of different items.


2. SWAT Simulator

This FPS is very well done, even if it is not currently a huge success with players. But we strongly recommend that you try it! This title contains a lot of interesting mechanisms and the shooting part is very well developed. Everything is to be tried alone or with friends in a team, and it is in this case that it is most interesting.


3. Zombie Uprising

Zombie Uprising is also one of the best FPS available in Roblox. The developers worked on it for several years and delivered a very successful cooperative action game, pitting players against waves of zombies. The idea may seem very banal but, believe us, you won’t see the hours pass while you shoot these monsters! Especially since the developers regularly add content.

4. polybattle

Polybattle copies the legendary Battlefield and is also very successful. The maps are huge in size and have loads of vehicles to use, like trucks and tanks. There are also several classes to embody and a lot of content to discover.


5. Arsenal

When talking about FPS in Roblox, it’s hard to ignore Arsenal. Its authors have taken up the idea of ​​Counter-Strike’s Gun Game mode, in which the player must each time use a new weapon when he kills an enemy. Here there are 32 weapons in all and the last one is a golden knife, knowing that they were all chosen with care. Arsenal is a very nervous game and we can only advise you to try it!


6. BIG! paint ball

Many shooters have been released in Roblox, but BIG has remained the first since its release in 2019. This paintball game is the best of the title with its varied arsenal, addictive gameplay and numerous maps. The gameplay has been borrowed from that of Call of Duty and there are different ways to defeat the opposing team. Each weapon has its own characteristics and the authors often add new content.


7. Phantom Forces

Since its release in 2015, Phantom Forces has continued to grow. The authors always manage to surprise players with each new update, knowing that the big highlight of this game is its physics. It is very realistic and contains many modes, enough to keep you busy for a long time!


8. Combat Warriors

Combat Warriors was released in 2018 and got a big update this year which completely changed it and added a lot of content. Here, each player appears on the map in possession of a police baton, his goal being to kill as many opponents as possible to earn points and unlock new weapons. Inevitably, the games are chaotic and very fun!


9. Counter Blox: Remastered

This is a free version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Only the artistic direction is different, the gameplay being the same. It is therefore necessary to participate in fights in 5 against 5 on the emblematic maps of CS. Each match starts with the purchase of weapons and the amount allocated to each team depends on who won the previous round and the number of kills.


10. bad business

Bad Business is a high-strung first-person shooter where players must take on loads of kills while discovering new weapons, arenas, and skins along the way. It looks a lot like Phantom Forces, but with its own personality all the same. Know that it is possible to customize the controls, and we advise you to pay attention to the range and sensitivity.


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