Discover all the secrets and tricks that God of War hides for PlayStation 4, one of the most powerful exclusives of the Sony console for 2018.


Find out where the Treasure Maps are located in God of War for PS4

‘ God of War ‘ is a title that, in addition to offering an epic adventure starring the demigod  Kratos  and his son  Atreus , also includes a large number of secrets and collectibles that users can get in the different  Kingdoms  that make up the game. And of all of them, in this section we will explain to you how you can get the  12 treasure maps , as well as the points where you can locate said treasures, which are also necessary if you want to get the  ‘Treasure Hunter ‘ Trophy  .

What are treasure maps?

Be that as it may, the first thing you have to know is, as we have already said, that in total there will be 12 maps distributed throughout the world of ‘ God Of War ‘, these being some documents that you find in the different scenarios and that will indicate a specific place that we will have to visit. These places are known as  Dig Spots  or  Excavation Points  and they will be very specific areas within the location indicated by the map, so it is best to be attentive when you go to explore these areas. Of course, as a clue we can tell you that as we get closer we will see a faint glow of light on the place where we have to dig, in the same way that when we are in the right place we will have the option to press O.

In the same way, to facilitate this task you can see the video that we leave you on these lines, where the 12 locations come with great detail. 

What are the rewards?

Now, among the different rewards that we can obtain while we collect this ” God of War ” collectible, we find the following:  

  • Legendary materials. 
  • Runes. 
  • Enchantments. 
  • Silver. 
  • Experience. 

In this way, it is highly recommended to get hold of these objects if you want to obtain the best weapons and armor in the game. Likewise, and as we have already said, obtaining these treasures will be an essential requirement to get the  Platinum  of ‘ God of War ‘.

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