Victini in Pokémon Sword & Shield: Get the code and see how to redeem

The Pokémon World started this Thursday (18) and is an opportunity for all fans of the franchise to come together – but also to be rewarded with exclusive gifts for the games.

Victini in Pokémon Sword & Shield: Get the code and see how to redeem

During Pokémon World Tournaments , one or two creatures are always given to game players as exclusive rewards. Often these surprises are linked to one of the winners of previous years’ tournaments; this year, however, the chosen one to be given as a gift to players is Victini, a Fire and Psychic-type Pokémon.

The players who will be presented will be those who obtain the game Pokémon Sword and Shield, games in the RPG model released in 2019 by GameFreak and which will have competitions during the global championship of the franchise games.


What’s the code?

During the live stream of the Pokémon Video Game Championship, or VGC, a code to obtain this Pokémon was revealed. This allows all players who jump into their Sword or Shield version to get the fabulous fifth-gen Victini.

Check the code provided below:

  • W0RLD22V1CT0RY

See the characteristics of the chosen Pokémon of 2022:

Level: 50

Type(s): Fire/Psychic

Ability: Victory Star

Item: Starf Berry


– V-Create

– Work Up

– Zen Headbutt

– Flame Charge

How to get Victini the little rodent?

With the code already activated, you still need to know how to activate it – and the method is the same as in previous years:

  • Log into Pokémon Sword or Shield;
  • Open the menu by pressing X;
  • Go to the Mystery Gift menu;
  • Choose to collect a gift by selecting the “Receive a Mystery Gift” option;
  • Select “Via code or password”;
  • Enter the code mentioned above;
  • Get your free Victini;

It is important to note that this is only valid for a limited time, in addition to only working in Pokemon Sword and Shield,


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