Xbox Game Pass may have “Family & Friends” plan to share account soon

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According to information from an Italian portal, Microsoft should, in the future, offer a Game Pass subscription that can be shared with friends and family.

Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass is a real hit for Microsoft. The service launched a few years ago to allow gamers around the world to access a wide catalog of games of all types, for the cost of a monthly or yearly subscription.

But while Microsoft appears to have the recipe for success, the company doesn’t seem to want to rest and is rumored to be launching a Friends and Family subscription to the service allowing more than one person to be able to use the service.

Friends & Family: Shared Game Pass?

The information was released by the portal Aggiornamenti Lumia, an Italian site focused on reporting leaks about future projects by the Microsoft and Xbox brands. The alleged new system, called “Friends & Family”, which translates to “Friends and Family”, has apparently been tested in the countries of Ireland and Colombia.

According to the online magazine, the shared subscription resembles the Nintendo Switch Online Family Subscription service. It has been reported that initially up to four people can have access to Xbox Game Pass game content.


In the case of Nintendo’s family plan, players can only share the subscription between people from the same household. In the case of the future service offered by Microsoft, users will not need to share the same roof to use the plan.

According to this same source, Microsoft should release the basic subscription for 22 euros – a value that, in direct conversion, would be 110 reais.

This information has not yet been confirmed by Microsoft and, therefore, must be taken as a rumor. However, offering this subscription seems like a move pretty much in line with Microsoft’s new business strategy, which is constantly innovating and finding other ways to leverage Game Pass.


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